Fair Fellow Coffee


What started out as an experiment in a garage turned into a delicious passion for Andrew Unruh. 
“Coffee found me,” he said. “I grew up in Texas on a corn farm. I was always around really terrible coffee. I came to Tulsa for school and then I started drinking a little bit better coffee. I kind of liked it, and I stumbled into better coffee.”
Unruh discovered he could roast green coffee beans in a popcorn popper.
“I thought that was really cool, so the next time I was at Goodwill, I picked up a little $7 popper, and I still have it today,” he said. “I went home and I absolutely smoked out the entire house. It roasts a lot quicker than I thought, but it was mine and I absolutely loved it.”
Unruh began perfecting his popcorn popper method, and eventually bought a small coffee roaster.
“It was about the size of a toaster oven and I just roasted in my office at my house,” he said. 


Fast forward to 2016, when Unruh opened Fair Fellow Coffee at the intersection of Admiral and Lewis in Tulsa in an old storefront.
“We got Elsie — she is a 1985 Sivetz Air Roaster,” he said. “This building was originally Elsie’s Dress Shop. We have Elsie the Roaster and Elsie’s Blend.”
Unruh purchases much of the green coffee beans directly from coffee farmers all over the world.
“We direct-source our coffee whenever possible, so I can ensure my farmers get a certain amount of money, more than the market price,” he said. “I know my customers appreciate direct trade coffee.” 
Unruh roasts beans and brews cold brew coffee in the shop, and serves fine coffee beverages. 
“My favorite drink right now is the single origin natural processed espresso shaken over ice,” he said. “It’s my go-to right now.” 


Coffee connected with Unruh on a level apart from delicious taste and helping coffee farmers.
“I’m a nerd at heart — I had a chemistry set in my garage growing up,” he said, and he discovered the plethora of flavors in coffee early on in his coffee journey. “I had six coffee samples lined up, and I tasted them and they were all so different! I realized you could change the brew method and change the coffee. I could literally never have the same cup of coffee if I didn’t want to.”
That’s the interesting thing about coffee, he said.
“The boring thing about coffee is that you can always have the same flavor,” he said. “But when I realized I could manipulate the flavors, it was all over.” 
Unruh tries to roast and brew coffee to it’s highest potential.
“We try to let the coffee speak for itself,” he said. “It has a lot to say.”


1907 Meat Co. serves Fair Fellow Nitro Cold Brew and several varieties of hot coffee, and sells 12oz retail bags of whole bean coffee.

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