Kirkpatrick Family Farm

After showing pigs as children, two brothers decided to raise them as adults. 

Steve Kirkpatrick and his brother, Robert, operate Kirkpatrick Family Farm near Cushing, where they raise hogs solely for 1907 Meat Co. 

The brothers grew up on dairy farms across Oklahoma, but they had plenty of exposure to pigs. 

“We lived all over the state,” Robert said. “Our dad went from dairy farm to dairy farm milking cows, and that’s what we grew up doing. We were dairy kids, but we had show pigs.”

Robert and Steve showed pigs as children, after they married and had kids, their children showed pigs.

“We’ve just always done it,” Steve said. “We started raising our own so we could use our own pigs for showing.”

“We’ve probably been doing pigs for 20 years,” Robert said. “We competed and placed — nothing like grand champion, but we did okay. We just had fun.”

In addition to pigs, the brothers have several chickens, two cows and several goats who serve as weedeaters, and a gentle four-legged giant named Fluffy. 


Steve has a unique connection to 1907 Meat Co.: before supplying the shop with pigs, he began working there as a butcher. 

“I started butchering for them and I thought, ‘We could feed out some of our pigs for them.’ We wanted a good market for us and for them. Everybody wins,” he said. “I’ve been butchering pigs for the past 30-something years so I know a lot of the ins and outs of them.”

Steve said it’s not strange to watch his pigs go from babies on the farm to bacon in the butcher case. 

“They’re raised for meat,” he said. “I told my kids, when we were showing, not to name them.”

So far, the brothers have sold 11 hogs to 1907 Meat Co., but they’re not planning to slow down.

They’re planning to buy more piglets this spring and feed them out, Steve said. 

“We just like to raise pigs,” Steve said. “We like to watch them grow. There’s nothing cuter than a baby pig.” 

Chris Peters